Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Request for V-day Cards

I don't normally like to send mass requests to people but this cause is so worthy that I hope you will take a moment and make one extra Valentine to share with this little girl. 

Here's her story:

Can you help brighten Valentine's Day for a 6 year old???

Allison is a patient at Cincinnati Children's. She is 6 years old. After 15 months of treatment that had some bumps along the way (big scary bumps), she was found to be cancer free. Everyone rejoiced and celebrated. At the three month scan still cancer free, more rejoicing and more celebrating. However, at the six month scan, just weeks before Christmas, the doctors found more cancer. The type of cancer that Allison has is very fast growing and aggressive because of this it is extremely hard to treat and the doctors give her a 5% cure/survival rate. Through January and into February Allison will have to undergo a very risk type of radiation which should be completed the week of Valentine’s Day!

The pastor at Friendship Lutheran Church in Cincinnati, OH has been visiting with this family for over a year now and the church has sort of adopted them, since they're not from the area, to try to encourage and love on them through their journey Now Allison and her family are back home and we have teamed with St. Paul Lutheran Church in Ironton, OH. With Valentine's Day coming up, they thought it would really brighten Allison's day to get like a bazillions Valentine's cards.

Last year the people of Friendship Lutheran started hoping they would get a 100 or so valentines. Thanks to people from literally all over the world we collected over 10,000 valentines. This year we are dreaming big and hoping to be our record.

We're asking everyone we know to consider mailing a Valentine's card for Allison that the church can compile and take to her. If you wouldn't mind picking up a card - or even making one! - and mailing it to:

Valentines for Allison
c/o St. Paul Lutheran Church
PO Box 601
Ironton, OH 45638-0601

Can't get a card in the mail just invite everyone you know.... so they have the chance to make Allison smile too!

Thanks for helping out! I hope this will really help her to feel special and loved as every 6 year old princess should be!
My card will be in the mail soon! Please help brighten this little girls day!  

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