Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creating a Halloween Banner - Part 2

Thanks for joining me again. Today we're going to get a little inky and focus on creating our accents for our Halloween Banner. If you would like to see Part 1 of this project go here.

Step 4: Stamp Accents

Use Grey Wool and Black Ink to stamp images. The stamp set I used was part of the Mischief Workshop on the Go. If you don't have that stamp set feel free to substitute with something similar. Depending on the size of your images you may need to adjust some of the cut pieces though.

Step 5: Prepare Letters "S", "P", "K", "Y"

I used the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut the the letters to match perfectly with the Dimensional Elements. If you don't have the Cricut or this particular cartridge (although I think you'd love it!!) then you can easily trace each letter onto cardstock and trim with your scissors. If you end up with a few jagged edges just use your sanding block and finishing files to smooth them out.

When you have your letters ink them with black in and attach to 1 3/4" squares. I used a little foam tape on the skull 'O's for a little extra dimension.

Step 6: Sponge edges of accent pieces

Trim the stamped tombstones and candle. Use your black ink to sponge edges of all cut-out papers. If you don't have a sponge you can use the direct-to-paper method and swipe the ink pad along the edges of the papers.

You are almost done!! Stay tuned for part 3 - assembly and finishing!

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