Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chairs To You!

Happy May to you! This is my favorite month and it's not just because my birthday is this month or we get to celebrate my favorite holiday, Mother's Day. It's my favorite month because we get to celebrate the passion we have for scrapbooking on May 7, National Scrapbook Day!!

I have so many things to share with you all. I'm literally bursting at the seams excited to share all the wonderful news that CTMH has. Be patient as I collect my thoughts (and photos).

In the meantime I do want to share a little project I recently made for this month's Stamp of the Month, "Chairs to You."  New neighbors moved in next door and I needed a quick welcome gift. So, I ran to my craft room and quickly made this cute bottle top gift card holder!

I found the instructions HERE and adapted it slightly so that the gift card showed from the top. To make the scene, I stamped the arm chair on top of B&T paper and trimmed. Doesn't it look like fabric? Next, I masked the top of another chair and used the bottom half as the side table. After that I trimmed a small vase out of blue cardstock and stamped and trimmed the flower from the stamp set to make a pot of flowers. I quickly finished by masking and stamping the "Home Sweet Home" sentiment to make a little sign. I used foam tape to add dimension to some of the stamped elements. This was much quicker than baking break or making a meal!

I hope you (and my new neighbors) like it. If you would like to see the entire stamp set or additional uses for this stamp set please go to Stamp of the Month Page above.



  1. This IS really cute- love your play on words ('Chairs' to you). Fantastic job. I LOVE may too, but it's more for the reason that things FINALLY start to warm up around here.
    Have a wonderful day-

  2. what a cute little project!

    And I agree - May is a fabulous month! Happy birthday month to you! :)