Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Invitations

I was recently asked to make some wedding invitation samples for my co-worker and his fiance. The only criteria I had were they had to be ivory and simple yet elegant. Here are the three options I came up with:
1. Stamped Border

2. Flourish

3. Embossed Top/Bottom Border - this one was really hard to photograph but there is a pearl sheen on the embossed parts.

My favorite is #1, the stamped border. What do you think? Did I give them what they asked for?



  1. It is definitely between the top and the bottom one. The top one has the font that matches the border, but the bottom one has the embossing - I always like embossing on wedding stuff. The top one is more contemporary, the bottom more traditional.

  2. I agree Juliet! Thanks for checking them out.

  3. I liked both #s 1 & 3...great job!