Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Craft Fair Experience

On Saturday I had the pleasure of being a vendor at my kids elementary school Spring Craft Fair! This was only the 2nd craft fair I've done so I'm still learning the ins and outs of it all. I kept my wares pretty simple the first time out so this time I wanted to step things up a notch.

The rainy weather made it a challenge to carry paper goods in out of the gym but between me, my son, and my parents we made it work! This is what it looked like all packed up in my house. Doesn't look like much right? And this is what it looked like all put together:

I received a lot of compliments on my display...especially the doors! I was struggling with how to incorporate the wreaths with my display and my friend, Maureen, graciously gave me these amazing doors AND put the hinges on for me...on Friday afternoon! She's a lifesaver!

I had a variety of items to sell -- handmade cards, altered bracket frames, canvas wall displays, wreaths, candy treats, rose topiaries, and some other items. Not everything went but that's OK. I'm working on opening an Etsy store and will let you know when it's ready!

Overall, my experience was a success! I think the weather kept some people home but I don't have any complaints about my personal experience.

Craft fairs are certainly a lot of work and are very tiring but I like them. Making the items are relaxing for me and talking to the customers (something I never thought I'd be comfortable doing) is one of my favorite aspects of a show.

I look forward to the next one but right now I plan on enjoying a little rest!


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