Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Studio J Express Collections

There are only 6 days left in the current Studio J campaign for March...just $5.00 per layout vs. $6.95. It's not too late to jump in if you haven't yet! Oh, and don't forget to close your Studio J orders by midnight March 31!

I've mentioned before that Studio J has a lot of features...everything from Custom Layouts, to Photo Only Layouts, to Express Collections. This post is going to focus on Express Layouts but if you still aren't sure what the others are here's a quick explanation:

Custom Layouts:

With custom layouts you are the designer. You pick the paper pack, layout design, embellishments, etc. You can add/remove photo wells as well as adjust sizes and placement. There are almost too many features to list here! Here's an example of  one of the first Custom Layouts I created:

Photo Only Layouts:

Within the Express Collections you have the option to choose between 7 different photo only layouts. These layouts have pre-designed photo wells in the varying sizes - - this is a great option to get a lot of quality printed photos for projects like Picture My Life!

Express Collections:

Express collections are designed to be FASTER, as there is less customization that you can do. The layouts are basically done - you just add your photos, title and journaling, and you can literally be done in five minutes! Below is a walk through of Express Collections:

This is the first screen you'll see when you are in Studio J, ready to start:

If you click on Express Collections, here's what you'll see:

You'll notice that you won't see 100+ papers and kits to choose from - you'll see completed layouts. CTMH already chosen the paper and layout design for you.

For illustration purposes, if you click on the "Little Miss" here are the completed layouts for that collection (click on the photo for a larger look):

The layouts are pretty awesome right? You can choose to use all of these layouts are select one or two to fit your photos! Here's an example if you click on one of the layouts above:

On the left side of the screen you'll see fewer options to choose from than what you'd see with Custom Layouts. After adding your photos, you can still add additional text and photo wells, buttons, ribbons as well as distress your paper if you choose.

In contrast, if you selected Custom Layouts this is what you'd see on the left hand side:

With Express collections you have the choice to change paper colors but not the pattern. You can also choose to delete stickease embellishments (but not change them). You can also change the color of the text and embellishments, as well as add additional photo/text boxes. So, there IS some flexibility but not nearly as much as Custom Layouts.

Don't be afraid to try Studio J - it is truly the most incredible, easy to use, digital scrapbook product I've seen! It's also BY FAR the most affordable and the most flexible! What other company lets you use it FOR FREE without downloading or purchasing any software?

I'm always here if you have any questions! For those that have used Studio J what is your favorte feature(s)? And for those that haven't...what's holding you back?


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