Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014...

Happy New Year to you!!! Yesterday I posted two questions on my Facebook page:

  1. Do you make New Year's resolutions?
  2. Do you document them?
To answer my own questions: kind of, and yes!

The definition of resolution is "a firm decision to do or not to do something." To me that just seems unattainable. Instead, I try to focus on goals. Are they same thing? More or less, yes, but my simple brain thinks there is a difference. I guess that word "firm" plays tricks in my head. It's too black and white for me. Goals on the other hand seem more like a plan. They have a little wiggle room and don't seem so rigid. I feel like goals imply a plan of attack. It gives me a way to analyze and assess my progress to make changes as needed. Does it make sense? You tell me.

Last family photo of 2013

Either way, I wanted to share my goals for 2014. It's my way of being accountable. These will inevitably become part of my Picture My Life Scrapbook this year so be prepared to see them again. Oh, and feel free to call me out if you notice I've dropped the ball a bit (especially on #3, 4, and 6).

  1. Exercise 4 - 5 days a week. If I lose a few extra pounds great. If not, no big deal. I need it for mental clarity and sanity. 
  2. Run a race/obstacle once a month. I'm already signed up for the Frozen 5K on the 5th so check that off my list for January!
  3. Take pictures of the projects I make and blog about them. I can't even begin to tell you the projects I've made in 2013 that never got photographed or posted. Why, I have no idea. I guess I'm just being lazy.
  4. Finish my kids 1st Year Albums. My oldest is 10 so it's about time I get it done! Thankfully the other two albums are much further along!
  5. Date night with my hubby once a month. 
  6. Participate in more crafty blog challenges...this goes along with #3 (and I need to use up my stash of papers!)
As a family we'll sit down and write some family goals a little later today. It's always fun to see what the kids come up with! 

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  1. Those sound like great goals! I made a commitment 2 years ago to work out 6 days/week, and it has really changed my life. I feel (& look) so much better. The key for me is to get up and work out first thing in the morning. It means getting up earlier, but your body will adjust. If you work out first, you're done before the day even gets going. :) Best wishes for you in 2014! Oh, also, be sure to check out