Saturday, January 3, 2015

A "New" New Year's Eve Tradition!

The last few years we've spent New Year's Eve very simply with a few friends. This year it was my turn to host and I wanted to help the kids (well more like myself) stay awake until midnight!
I turned to Pinterest for some help and found several ideas on creating a balloon activity time countdown and thought the idea was fun and simple enough to try. The idea is to write an activity on a piece of paper, put it in a balloon, blow up the balloon and then write a time on it. When the time comes one child pops the balloon, reads the activity and the group sets out to do it!

We had 5 kids with us ranging in age from 3-11 and decided to start our countdown at 7:30 with activities every 45 minutes until 11:15. Here are the activities we decided on:

7:30 - Puzzles

8:15 - Board Game 
9:00 - Make your own sundae

9:45 - Glow Stick Trampoline Jumping

10:30 - Wii Dance Party

11:15 - Go outside and wish the neighbors Happy New Year with noisemakers 

We finished off our evening ringing in the new year with a balloon drop and a sparkling cider toast!

It was quite a bit of fun and will certainly be added to next year's celebrations!

Happy New Year everyone!
~Michelle Battitori

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