Friday, January 22, 2016

Scrapbooking a Conversation

If you've read the page title you may be wondering why a kid in a towel is the "Best Day of My Life." Well, it's not about me. It's a quote from my dear sweet little boy!

About a week ago my 5 year old (now 6 year old) decided it was time to take on big boy tasks and start taking his own showers. If you know my boy you'd know he HATES getting his head wet. No pool. No bath. Must have washcloth covering his entire face if water comes near him kind of hate. So when he declared it was time to shower on his own we were a little skeptical.
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My husband stayed in the bathroom to supervise. While he was standing under the water sans washcloth he shouted, "Daddy, this is the BEST thing that's EVER happened to me in my whole life!" I'm pretty sure he didn't mean the act of showering was awesome but who knows. To a 5 year old maybe that's the truth. I'd like to think it's more about conquering his fear and figuring out that standing under a gentle flow of warm water is a pretty awesome feeling...especially when your mom and dad aren't watching and moving your body parts around to wash!

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Whatever the case it made me smile and still makes me smile when I think about it. It's a story I always want to remember and one I'm sure my little guy will deny ever happened. But, now that's it's documented in this scrapbook page it will never be forgotten!

The point of this very long, wordy post is a reminder to document the conversation! Whether it's funny, sweet or serious document it! Sadly one day you will forget. We are all busy and something that made you smile today will be replaced with something else that has to be remembered tomorrow.

So what if you don't have photos of the event? Who cares! Pick a photo of the person you are writing about. Or find a photo on the internet of something that is key to the conversation. The photo really doesn't matter when you are focusing on the conversation. These photos weren't taken the day of the event. It was two days ago when it was my turn to supervise the shower. I wrote the story down on a post it and stuck it in my planner as a reminder. And today I felt inclined to scrap about it.

Close to my  Heart made documenting a conversation a journaling prompt last week and today I'm encouraging you to do the same. Turn it into a scrapbook page or just write it down in a journal. Either way cherish it because memory keeping matters!

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