Friday, August 15, 2014

Althernative Options for Picture My Life Cards

I few months ago I began a little series on Picture My Life. Yes, I had every intention of making it a weekly thing but somehow I've dropped the ball. I admit it... I tried. I failed.

I still adore the program and use it for my own family albums (to see my progress and some examples feel free to check out the "Picture My Life" labels on the left side of my blog).

One of the questions that always comes up is "What else can I do with the Picture My Life Cards?" The short answer is ALOT!

Check out the short CTMH video** below for some ideas and examples. Monica will also give you an overview of what comes in the program.

As a reminder, in August, when you buy one of the 13 Picture My Life programs, you will get an extra pack of Memory Protectors for just $3. That's a savings of $6.95. To read more about the Picture Perfection special go HERE.

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~Michelle Battitori

**Note, if you are reading this blog post via email you may see the video. To view please click on the post title or click HERE to be taken to the CTMH YouTube channel.

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