Friday, May 3, 2013

Project Life Week 7 & 8

I didn't have too many photos for these weeks so instead of stretching it along two pages I decided to create 1 page layouts. Love that this project is so flexible yet still so cohesive!! Just to be a little consistent I did use the same journal cards on both sides of the layouts...I'm a little anal like that!

Week 7 - Left page

If you're curious about the sandwiches in Week 7, no, we don't eat those all in one day! To make life easy on ourselves I buy two loaves of bread (one for PB&J and one for meat and cheese) and pre-make them for lunches. Once made they go in the freezer and when needed they make it to the lunch box! Yes, they thaw in time for lunch and no, they don't get soggy (as long as you don't put the jelly or condiments directly on the bread). It's such a time saver to make 2 weeks worth in about 30 minutes!

Week 8 - Right Page

Week 8 is the start of our family vacation to Florida! The photo in the top left is our pre-packing process. Each pile represents a kid/outfit for the week. I've done a little something different to record our vacation so stay tuned for that!

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